Solutions to Colour Restore – 4/4

Puzzle 6 / Colour Scrabble:
It seems every time I run an event I end up with something non-culture neutral. I took great care listing as many obvious items as I can. Worrying so much about how non-English speakers would find it, it was a relief (?) to receive these comments from solvers who’s English, I ignorantly assume, is their mother tongue.

[Nick says:] “I solved as if any word could be assigned any color”

[Alan confessed:] “I confess – I ignored the colours to solve, and only now see that the items in the list have a (RBY) colour associated with them!!”

[Tom noticed:] “The scrabble became a lot easier when I started taking into account the meanings of the words!”

Apparently, even if the words were meaningless to you, the puzzle itself was still solvable. Phew.


Puzzle 8 / Colour my World
Wait. Where’s Puzzle 7?
Irodoku has a long background. I will post more about that separately soon.

A brief note for puzzle 8 since, after all… “Puzzle 8 is just word search; what am I supposed to comment about a word search?”
Solver Ivan’s right, I’m not going to even make a solution image for this one. (Edit: 28/01/2014 – why not?I did my best to provide you with the best format I could strive for. I tried printing different shading, font size, gradient and so forth to see which presentation would work best on paper. I still feel it is not the best format and I apologize.


The idea of black and white items being in a word search is just too tempting to exclude. The black items (eg. BATMAN, GORILLA,  LONDON CAB) are in the black letters and the white items (eg. IGLOO, SUGAR, AMBULANCE) are in the white letters. Some items that are both black and white (eg. CHESS PIECES, CROSSWORD, SKUNK) will be somewhere in between. I The best medium to solve a word search that requires treasuring the leftover letters is to use a felt pen. The message reads:  “WHAT IS THE ACTUAL COLOUR OF A PLANE’S BLACK BOX?”

Despite its name, the black box is actually ORANGE.
An appropriate answer to end Colour Restore don’t you think?


Does anyone know why it is called ‘Black’ in the first place?

And that’s it for Colour Restore. I hope to see you all again in my next event!
Happy 2014!


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