Solutions to Colour Restore – 3/4

Puzzle 4 / Colour Akari:

This is not my idea entirely. A similar puzzle appeared in Nikoli Communication 135 and I modified their rules. There are several differences.

Nikoli Communication 135

Nikoli Communication 135

As you can see, Nikoli used chromatics mixing as solver Joshua pointed out:
As light bulbs should the bulbs be cyan, magenta, yellow instead? Maybe these are actually paint shooters or something!

Some solvers may have been put off, Jack says:
…part of me was enough of a science nerd to be mildly bothered by the conflict between “lightbulbs” and pigment mixing — I wanted red and green to make yellow and so forth.

Entirely my fault, I completely forgot about the real-life science behind light colours. In addition to that, Nikoli’s bulbs only apply locally whereas the bulbs in the puzzle you solved shine along the entire row and column. Also, on the first page, the Akari actually retain their normal clue numbers.

Which one do you prefer?

Puzzle 5 / Colour Tapa:
Now the next 3 colour puzzles are not rip-offs, in case you’re not impressed with me for copying. When I was listing puzzle types that had the potential to become a new variant when colour was added, Tapa was marked with several stars. I really wanted to do a Colour Tapa, but how would it play out?

I had several ideas before this. Maybe the numbers in the same clue cell would have different colours? Maybe the wall is coloured with no single-area restrictions? Maybe the white cells at the end of a Tapa be coloured somehow?

The ideas rolled around for a while and this was born. I think Colour Tapa is interesting and would like to see more of this from other authors. The break-in I put in was that the blue needed to travel all the way down from the “4” to the “7”. Conveniently, there is only one column that can cater that.



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