Solutions to Colour Restore – 1/4

Puzzle 1 / Heyawake:
A quick glance at the bottom should identify the 3×2 box (labeled ‘3’) as the break-in point. The puzzle solves clockwise from there. This is my first attempt at making Heyawake, I’m not really into Heyawake because of the restless shading involved, especially in the big ones. Since the first 3 puzzles are aimed at making you hate shading, Heyawake was probably a good choice.


Puzzle 2 / Seramik:
This puzzle type was invented by Serkan Yurekli, I first saw it in OAPC 2. Because of its size and constraint, I think Seramik are one-off puzzles. There is not much you can do with Seramik, where one clue affects the entire grid. Once you try to make it difficult, the solving path quickly involves a lot of guessing. As with other Seramik puzzles, keeping track of the all possible shapes is important to solve the puzzle.

This walkthrough will be applicable to Seramik in general so keep some of these ideas in mind if you’re going to encounter Seramiks in the future (since there’s just so many of them). You can’t enter the puzzle with a Hanjie-frame of mind. It may look like there are multiple possible locations for the 2s, but because they have to be nested away from the 1s, the 2s are usually forced.


The first idea is to look for repeats. Here, the yellow and green 2×2 boxes each have two possible outcomes. Either way, those arrangements will be used – so the four patterns cannot appear anywhere else. Another important question to ask is: ‘where can the box with all shaded cells be?’ Here, the circled box is the only possible place.


As noted, each of the orange boxes can take two possible arrangements. However in each box, one of two arrangements has already been reserved by the yellow boxes. We can now deduce the pattern of both orange boxes. By now, the remaining arrangements can be placed smoothly to complete the puzzle.



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