Results of Colour Restore

Another wrap-up to another event!
After 3 B&W puzzles and 4 coloured puzzles, competitors are faced with the final puzzle which asked:
“What is the actual colour of a plane’s black box?”

Alan O’Donnell answered it pretty nicely:  “Orange (usually). In order to facilitate recovery of the record from an aircraft accident site they are required to be coloured bright yellow or orange with reflective surfaces”.
I accept any instances of Orange as the answer.

This event was opened for only 22 days (7 days shorter than usual) to make sure the prize reaches the winner before 2014. I received 19 correct submissions. Here are the names of those who correctly completed Colour Restore (in order of submission):
1. Antonis Lalatsas
2. Matej Uher
3. Nikola Zivanovic
4. Prasanna Seshadri
5. Neil Brown
6. Ravi Kumar
7. Nick Brady
8. Alan O’Donnell
9. Liane Robinson
10. Edison He
11. Tom Collyer
12. Jack Bross
13. Alan Lemm
14. Ivan Koswara
15. Zach Polansky
16. Elyot Grant
17. Thomas Powell
18. Joshua Zucker
19. Reid Barton

They will be seeded in a single-elimination rock-paper-scissors tournament. The order of submission will determine their seedings. The first 13 people received byes to round 2 so entries from Ivan to Reid will start from round 1.


Take a deep breath, here are the results!

Round 1:
Thomas, Joshua and Ivan takes the three vacant spots for round 2.
When two hands appear, the one on the left caused a tie so the second one determined the result.

We have our round of 16 placings.




Congratulations to Prasanna Seshadri of India!
The 2014 Mind Benders and Brain Teasers Calendar will reach you shortly, hopefully before 2014. If not, well, you might have a few puzzles to catch up on.

Look at that crazy final!
To reach the finals, both Prasanna and Matej defeated 3 opponents with just 3 hands. They both have 7 hands left to settle it out in the finals. When I checked their emails, their last 7 hands were exactly the same. The chance of that happening was 1 in 2,187. Wow! They had to give me more hands! Extremely bad luck for Matej, so close! Also note that this is the second time Prasanna won Rock, Paper, Scissors!
What’s your secret?

Here are the 8 puzzles in PDF, for those who didn’t make it to the end.
In the next couple of weeks, solutions and brief comments about each puzzle will be posted.
I thank for the tournament bracket interface.

I had lots of fun running Colour Restore and grateful to all of you who participated. Thanks again!

Have a Merry Christmas and happy new year and see you again in the next competition!


4 responses

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the nice contest and for giving me a platform to showcase my apparently unbelievable talent in Rock-Paper-Scissors 😛 Looking forward to the calendar and to more such contests. And Matej – Good fight 😀

    • What a pitty, but really intresting match with an unluck ending (for me, of course 😉 ). And of course really nice contest as well 🙂

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