Poll closed

Nikoli Hurdles 2 is confirmed.

Too much unfamiliar puzzle types were made, so readers got to pick which (more common) puzzle type should be included. A poll was opened for one month with a list of common Nikoli types to choose from. A reminder that several types were omitted because they were already featured in the first Nikoli Hurdles.

I received a heart-warming 51 votes!


Firstly, thank you for sparring me from writing any Hitoris, and as you can see, Masyu stormed the entire field. Slitherlink was a front runner for several weeks until Heyawake slowly caught up.

So the only puzzles from this list that you can expect are Masyu and Slitherlink. Heyawake will not appear in Nikoli Hurdles 2 since it was already in Colour Restore.

Speaking of Colour Restore, only 9 days remain!
I’m really happy to have received numerous compliments about the new colour-variants so give them a try! I personally reply to every entry I get, so if you have sent an entry but yet to receive a reply – check that you’ve sent it to the right email address.

Happy puzzling everyone


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