22 days to restore the colours


Welcome to Colour Restore!
For the first time ever, you will get a glimpse at what happens when colours are introduced to logic puzzles! Colour Restore will feature 8 vibrant puzzles!

Don’t get too excited just now, the creator is yet to be convinced that we are ready for coloured-puzzles. So you will have to please him first. The first 3 puzzles will still be the old-fashioned black and white shading puzzles.

After that… see for yourself!

The prize for the winner is the 2014 Mindbenders and Brainteasers Calendar from Workman Publishing. A great new year’s gift for any puzzler!

Click at the “About” page to see more details at how colour puzzles work. This event will last 22 days, one week earlier than my usual events. This is solely because the prize is a puzzle calendar and it is best received before 2014. I hope you enjoy this event as much as I enjoyed making it.

One further reminder, I ran a poll asking for puzzle suggestions for a future event.
[Edit: 12/12/2013 – Poll Closed]

This poll closes in less than 2 weeks, you can pick up to 5 puzzles. I am thankful for all votes thus far, keep them coming!


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