Ending 2013

2013 is nearly over.

For the past month I’ve been fighting with Sony about my broken laptop. All my puzzle files are there, it is certain that there is no hope of getting them back. I backup my files regularly so I’ll have to wait and see how much is actually missing.

The WSC/WPC ended a long while ago but I just got my report up. I wrote some of it while in China, when my mind was still fresh, so the slightest details are there. You can see the Semifinals and Finals coverage below. I still have some photos left so those will be sprinkled in the preliminaries excerpt, which I’ll eventually get around to do.

Now onto the events. One event is planned before the end of 2013.
Also, Nikoli Hurdles 2 will be held early 2014. You can find the results of the first edition here.
Some Nikoli puzzles are obviously more popular than others. Nikoli Hurdles 2 will feature more obscure types.
In fact, I haven’t even written any familiar types for Nikoli Hurdles 2!

As much fun as it sounds but that won’t be good for newcomers. I have no idea what common Nikoli type people like these days. Perhaps, you can help me. Below are 12 types that come up a lot in the world wide web. I’ve omitted Nurikabe, Numberlink and Yajilin because they already appeared in Nikoli Hurdles 1. Please tick the types you personally like, you can choose up to 5 answers.
Oh and no one gets to see the results just yet. Poll closes in one month from now.

I appreciate your votes. Thank you!

[Edit: 12/12/2013 – Poll Closed]


2 responses

  1. I’m honestly quite surprised Fillomino isn’t there, and a few like Norinori and Shakashaka are there. Perhaps I’m exposed to slightly different puzzles 😛

    You never store the puzzles offline? I usually make the puzzles on paper first before importing to computer, and all my puzzles are safe in a puzzle book (even though they might be scattered all over the pages).

    • Fillomino also came up in the last Nikoli Hurdles.
      I write my puzzles on paper first too, but my templates when digitalizing them are in my computer. Hence, this unfortunate wait.

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