WSC in brief


Due to exams, I had to rebook my flights to arrive in Beijing on Monday morning, only hours before round 1.
Exams took away most of my preparation time so I was relying on experience.
Quite ironic, a newbie at a WSC has to rely on “experience”.

Results were first posted after the first classics round: I was at 11th!
Then R1-R3: where I dropped to 14th
I ended day one, after round 5 at 17th

After a talk with my team, we thought if I kept this up, I would probably finish somewhere between 10th-20th. So we decided it is best to take a risk in the lengthy round 9, namely by tackling the 6-outside sudoku (at 66 points, it was worth three easier puzzles) at all cost. Well, it did took away 35 minutes and I could not finish it.

The gamble backfired and I end up at 29th/31st (some last minute corrections I’m not aware of). Not the best debut performance but I try to convince myself I’m capable of a top 20 finish since that was where I was most of the time.

Fantastic experience. Great meeting puzzle people in person for the first time.

Today I purchased two copies of something. One for myself and another for the winner of my next event. Sadly, my laptop is being fixed so everything has to wait. I do have a longer version of my WSC experience which I hope to share once my computer is ready.


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