Solutions to Race up the Sky – 1/4

Race up the Sky contained 6 skyscraper variants, here’s a deeper look into each puzzle.
Two quick basic variants to start off Race up the Sky:

Puzzle 1 – Irregular Skyscrapers
The key in Irregular Skyscrapers is in the shapes of the regions. The two weird T’s in the middle and the four regions framing the grid play a crucial role in narrowing the placements of high numbers. You can quickly fill in the 6s and 5s and leave little choice for 4s. The puzzle is quite trivial if you take good notes for all clues. In my view point, this puzzle would be a masterpiece if it wasn’t because of the “4” clue at the top row. But luck isn’t always on a puzzle constructor’s side; otherwise we’d be drowning in beautiful puzzles.

During the 29 days the competition was open, the Indian Puzzle Championship was held. One of the puzzles there was Skyscraper Sudoku, played on a 6×6 irregular grid. The solving path is very similar to this puzzle so those who solved this before the IPC will no doubt blast through the puzzle in seconds.

Puzzle 2 – Skyscrapers with Sum Clues
This variant is credited to Roland’s skyscrapers site. In my original artwork, the four centre cells would sum up to 10, and having the 3×1 cages sum to 11, 12, 13 and 14 would leave you with a very pretty puzzle. In the end, I couldn’t get the 10-clue to work so all you saw was a run of 11, 12, 13 and 14. I thought these cages played out very well with the skyscrapers clue, the high sum narrowed down the number combinations quite conveniently.


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