Results of Race Up the Sky

The Coit Tower is now closed.
Throughout the 29 days it was opened, 21 people visited the observation deck. Here is the list of entrants in the order of submission:

1. Serkan Yurekli
2. Fatih Kamer Anda
3. Sevgi Sonmez
4. Prasanna Seshadri
5. David Yang
6. Term Ital
7. Maja Gribajcevic
8. Joshua Zucker
9. Ravi Kumar
10. James McGowan
11. Nikola Zivanovic
12. Ivan Koswara
13. Neil Brown
14. Sebastian Matschke
15. Jack Bross
16. Christian Ostermeier
17. Elyot Grant
18. Pierre Billot
19. Scott Handelman
20. Manea Constantin
21. Neil Zussman

At the deck, they were asked arbitrary questions to determine the lucky winner. Each question has two choices; the “correct” answer will be the option that is least selected.

The first question was…
1.         How was your dream last night?
A)         It was a nightmare. I woke up in the middle of night, terrified.
B)         It was so good I didn’t want to wake up.


10 people selected A
11 people selected B
The correct answer is A, 10 people with a nightmare move on to the next question.

2.         What’s for breakfast?
A)         Cereal
B)         Toast


6 people selected A
4 people selected B
The correct answer is B, 4 toast eaters move on to the next question. Although I prefer cereal with fruit.

3.         Is your lucky number…
A)         …an odd number?
B)         …an even number?


1 person selected A
3 people selected B
The correct answer is A

 Congratulations to James McGowan from New Zealand!

He can expect Roland Voigt’s Skyscrapers and Variants arriving in his mailbox soon.
David, Nikola and Scott came pretty close to spoil his victory.

I could not thank you all enough for another great event. Thanks for your participation, interest and the kind feedbacks I’ve received.

Going on this weekend is the 7th Thailand Sudoku Open. I will be reporting results straight from Bangkok here, as the event unfolds.

Here is the PDF for all six puzzles and the solutions will follow in the next few posts.
Planning for my next event is already well underway and I hope you look forward to it as I am.

Stay tuned!


3 responses

  1. I really enjoyed all the puzzles. I never solved Skyscraper variants, so this is my first time solving. All puzzles are of very good quality.
    Thanks for such a wonderful contest and now I am waiting for the next one 🙂


  2. Heh just realized that the submissions in the third question are opposite of the parities of the respective submission numbers. (Those (one person) answering A (odd) have even submission number and those answering B (even) have odd submission numbers.)

    Anyway, congratulations for the winner!

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