Solutions to Nikoli Hurdles – 4/5

400m-500m: Numberlink
Constructing a Numberlink can get really messy. This puzzle came from my puzzle shed. I was trying to see if I could make a symmetrical Numberlink and this was produced. I solved a few of Palmer Mebane’s usually high-quality Numberlinks to see how he caters in the symmetry without botching the overall solve. I made about 3 puzzles and ended up using this one which I felt was the easiest. Nikoli regulars would crunch this in seconds I’m sure.

500m-600m: Nurikabe
The two 4s in the centre has only one correct orientation. The rest becomes trivial. I’m not sure if this layout has been done before. The drawback is that the pattern is so cramped up that there is no room for any big islands – a feature I usually enjoy seeing in a Nurikabe.






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