Solutions to Nikoli Hurdles – 3/5

200m-300m: Fillomino
I spent about 45 minutes making and tweaking this and it still didn’t end in perfection. I envisioned a spiral of just 3s, 4s and 5s. As you can see, the puzzle ended up having two 1s. Ugh!

The 1 near the centre was most unacceptable as I didn’t want to have any givens there to ruin the spiral. The puzzle got a lot of praises, which surprised me (in a good way), since I wasn’t 100% happy with the result. Although during test-solving, I thought the path was quite smooth. As you can see: no twos!
I’m happy people liked it.

300m-400m: Yajilin
I feel there’s a lot you can do with Yajilins and most of Nikoli’s aren’t beautiful and quite bland to solve. I’m very strict with myself when writing Yajilins. The first one was a yacht-shaped one in Puzzle Cruise, followed by the ring of 1s in Puzzle Fusion and now this. The two 2s in the corners are add-ons that luckily didn’t spoil much. I hope you liked the bottom right quadrant about half-way through the intended solving path and how it forces a black cell there without having to guess.



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