The track is finally ready!

I went back and checked all of the puzzles and can now declare that it won’t be as easy as I thought. Some puzzle will definitely challenge beginners and provide ample restraint for experts alike. Nonetheless, I’m very satisfied with the quality of the puzzles in Nikoli Hurdles – especially ones near the end.

There is the Answer Keys page I’ve put up so you clear those hurdles correctly. Little reminder about the competition format; Nikoli
Hurdles will last 29 days, starting today, and closing on 12th March. If no one completes it by then, the prize of the Nikoli Penpa 2013 will go to the player with the most progress. So, a warning will be given a few days before the deadline should this happen. Feel free to e-mail to roygbivpuzzles -at- gmail -dot- com for any specific questions.

The track can be entered via the menu on top of the site. Start at the “START – 0m” and work your way to the finish line in chronological order.

On your marks, get set… GO!


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