Solutions to 1st Code Road – Part 3/3

Puzzle 4 – Masterpiece

After piecing together the pictures you’d be left with finding something completed in 1507 and was first housed in the Prague Castle.

prague castle

But now it’s in the Musel de Prado.


The Prado houses fine arts and the title “Masterpiece” should point to something of that matter. So the 10 letter painting, by Albrecht Durer, titled “ADAM AND EVE became our answer.


Puzzle 5: Septet

The MSN smileys represent names of the Seven Dwarfs. They all interlock in the given grid; Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy can be inferred by the emoticons. Doc wears glasses, Dopey doesn’t talk much and Sneezy is supposedly ill.



The 9 letter answer is SNOWWHITE

And lastly, Puzzle 6 – Inner Core

IPAD, NEWTON, WILLIAM TELL, ADAM AND EVE and SNOWWHITE share a common link with the APPLE. If the link isn’t clear enough, the title ‘Inner Core’ should’ve suggested this fruit either way around.


Construction Notes:

Puzzle 5 is one of those puzzles where if you know how it works the whole thing falls but if you have no idea then you can’t even make a start. I stared at the end result blankly several times questioning its usability. Heck. The title “Septet” shouldn’t make it too hard, and into the Code Road it went.

I was hooked on the Google A Day trivia game so I originally planned Code Road to be a set of 5 questions. Puzzle 4 wrote itself: What 1507 painting was first housed in the Prague Castle and now on display at the Prado?

4-5 more and I’ll have a little contest in no time, right? I even brainstormed some short puzzles and name the contest: Quizzle, a combination of quiz and puzzle. However, a quick Google search later and I have to find a replacement name. Quizzle is apparently a quite large firm helping out with financial supports.

Code Road was actually a little game I concocted at high school during classes. It was a run of 4 puzzles played by 8 people and each round eliminates 2 people. It killed time and had to be done under radar while the teacher monitors the students.


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