8 days to go

Hints were “released” every three days since November 4th, by now; all but 3 hints have been given. That was the plan anyway. Today I discovered that the Hints page was, in fact, inaccessible all along.

The reason was that I originally set the blank Hints page to be automatically published on 22nd October, a few days before the beginning of Code Road, and would constantly update it every three days. However, the catch was that the year I keyed in was 2555.

To Thai readers this seems normal, because the Thai Solar Calendar is 543 years greater than the Gregorian calendar the rest of the world is using. 2555 BE is essentially 2012 AD, but WordPress doesn’t know that. So two things: thankfully, I picked up this mistake and the hints page is now reachable so you won’t have to wait for more than half a millennium to see the hints. Secondly, it means that the handful of people who’ve submitted must’ve solved the entire Code Road without any hints. Wow.

The first couple of submissions were received in less than 24 hours since the start of Code Road, so it is definitely not too late to start! You even have hints now!

So 8 days to go, I’ll see you at the finish line!


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