Flashback #5 – Pentomino Pool

The main difference between Puzzle Cruise and USPC was that Puzzle Cruise was themed. 16 out of the 20 puzzles were (very) loosely based on nautical themes. In general, the not-so-themable puzzles were “themed” by giving them new names; Arrow Snake became Loch Ness Monster, Square Route became Lifesavers, Scrabble became Aquarium Display and so on.

One of the few puzzles that weren’t slapped with a new name was this Pentomino Pool. I first encountered this type in the 2009 24HPC set by Zrinka Kokot and Rudi Mrazovic. Their Pentomino Pool was a lot harder than the one I made. Nevertheless, with only 16 correct entries, this was the least solved puzzle on Puzzle Cruise.

Pentomino Pool: Place the 12 pentominoes in the grid so that no pieces touch each other, not even diagonally. All remaining cells are used for paths that connect a number outside the grid to a fish. The number represents the length of that path or the amount of cells occupied by pentominoes for that row/column. The example uses 3 tetrominoes.

UKPA, July 2011


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