Flashback #4 – Count Me In

It would be another 6 months until I finally authored my first online test. I met Mike Colloby during the Beijing International Sudoku Tournament in May 2011 and he introduced me to the newly-created United Kingdom Puzzle Association website. I was elated when he mentioned how he would love to offer more puzzles for his visitors. We discussed a possibility of an online test and the idea of Puzzle Cruise was born. Mike forwarded Puzzle Cruise to Alan O’ Donnell, who forwarded it to the world in July that year.

Logo as seen on the instructions booklet

Puzzle Cruise took roughly the same format as that time’s USPC: 300 points in two and a half hours and the dreaded 5 point penalty for each incorrect submission. I even included a Count Me In puzzle to imitate USPC more accurately.

UKPA, July 2011

Count Me In: Count the number of triangles of any size in this diagram. 

50 people submitted an answer and only 29 got it right. That’s a correct rate of 58%, by far the lowest of all the puzzles in the test. Can you figure out the right number of triangles in the picture?


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