Flashback #1 – Overlapping Sudoku

Every since I was hooked on puzzles from a children magazine when I wasn’t quite seven, I’ve been imitating most of my favourite puzzles in a drawing book. The usual victims of my poorly drawn puzzles back then are my older brothers and a few friends from school. Fast forward ten years and that once crayon-grabbing tot is now puzzling people worldwide.

Before I get Somewhere Over the Rainbow running properly, I’ll kill time by taking you back in time. Have fun with the puzzles I will be digging up for your enjoyment.

My first attempt at real puzzle-construction was thankfully rejected by Zoltan Horvath in 2009. Looking back at my produce, I had to laugh at my audacity to even submit that to him back then. The word “terrible” doesn’t even suffice. Better news came a year later though, I had round 11 of the 11th 24 Hours Puzzle Championship all to myself. Here’s one of my favourites:



Overlapping Sudoku: Fill in numbers 1-9 so that no numbers repeat in any row, column and outlined 3×3 boxes. Two grids are solved simultaneously.

Nov 2010, Budapest, Hungary


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